Beating Premature Ejaculation Just Got A Whole Lot Easier With The Release Of Mike Anderson's Beyond Delay Program

Beyond DelayI know a lot of guys have been waiting for Mike Anderson to release his new book on treating premature ejaculation and the good news is that the wait is finally over. The program is called "Beyond Delay" which is kind of a strange name for a premature ejaculation book but don't let that fool you because this is the best guide out there by a long shot. The reason Mike's called it Beyond Delay is because the whole system is set up to permanently cure premature ejaculation as opposed to just trying to delay ejaculation for a few extra minutes like most other so called treatments aim to do. Now a lot of guys... especially those with sever premature ejaculation would love to be able to last just one or two extra minutes, yet mike show why you can and should be aiming to gain complete ejaculation control (Meaning you only ejaculate when you choose) no matter how short your current lasting time is.

Mike claims this is an important mindset change to make but he also dives you highly practical advice on how to do it. Another thing I like about the approach Mike takes is the way he starts by dealing with the mental and physical aspects of premature ejaculation separately, and then shows you how to bring the improvements you are making together so that as you improve one aspect, you will simultaneously find it easier to improve another. For example he shows a few simple tricks you can use when you feel yourself about to ejaculate to soon. Once you learn these tricks it becomes easier to improve your mental confidence going in to intercourse which therefore helps you relax and intern helping you reduce ejaculatory pressure. I hope that makes sense to you. If it doesn't, Mike explains this link a lot more eloquently than I have at his site.

What I liked the most...

The whole book is very solid and guides you through all the steps in a very easy to follow manner however my favorite chapter would have to be chapter 4 which outline all the physical and mental steps you can take to get yourself (What Mike calls) "In the zone" during sex. This is the chapter that will change the way you think about sex. Instead of always worrying, dreading embarrassment and thinking about every tick of the clock, this section shows you how to really zone into the moment and enjoy it by forgetting about the clock and focusing in on the right things. It may sound a bit counterproductive at first but once you try it with a few of the exercises it will quickly start making sense.

What I didn't like about it...

As you can see this is a game-changer of a book and I'd recommend to any guy effected by premature ejaculation or wanting to last longer in bed, yet if I had to fault anything I would say the hardcover physical copy is quite expensive when compared to the downloadable eBook version. The hard cover is $249 (with free shipping and worldwide delivery) which is still pretty good value when you consider the result, however it's quite a bit more than the eBook version . This wouldn't bother me as the I'd much prefer the downloadable eBook anyway and it's a bargain at just $49. Actually I'm not sure why anyone would want to order the physical hardback version as it means you have to wait for shipping and can't get started on it straight away. Not to mention, would you really want a book on premature ejaculation lying around your house? I mean as great as this book is, it's not much of a coffee table book is it guys?

Where to get it?

You can go and grab an download of the book instantly from the official Beyond Delay site. It's $49 dollars and money well spent. Mike also goes into plenty more detail about his program and how to last longer in bed at this page of his site where he runs over all the skills and methods
you will learn.

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